Thinix Kiosk 10 User Interface

A Simple, Better User Interface

Thinix Kiosk 10 User Interface (UI) enables a user to leverage the power of a Windows 10 based computer, with the power of a highly-optimized user interface. With continuous improvement through intelligent engineering and development, Thinix Kiosk 10 UI provides an efficient solution for using a computer based on Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 is also very flexible, but with flexibility comes complexity.
  • Computers are increasingly used as appliances, where the simpler = the better.
  • Thinix Kiosk 10 UI transforms Windows based computers into user-friendly devices.

Thinix Kiosk 10 UI provides consumers with a simplified user interface that can be used with standard or touchscreen-enabled computers. Thinix Kiosk 10 makes it easy to provide custom computer appliances that can run third-party programs, on top of the core applications. Users can browse the Internet, email, chat, create and edit Office documents, and more.

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